Project idea / Идея проекта



To understand, that FOREX is and how it`s possible to make money on it, not enough only to be registered in any forex broker and to work on the demonstration account, to read a lot of literatures, and then to open the real account...

You need a lot of time to receive the trade experience and made your own trade system on basis of your trade experience...

So, the idea of this project was born... Our team have the good trade system, developed by us, for the market FOREX.

we do not offer:

to buy our trade system

to training on our trade system

to give us your money in management

we offer:

To join our trade; to become the member of our team; operatively, through ICQ and mIRC, intraday receiving trade signals for opening, support and closing positions on the market FOREX.

The set in our team is limited till 10-20 men!

In the long term: acquaintance and training our trade system.

Welcome in our team !

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