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The Rules of our trade system are :

  1. - The trade is conducted with fixed lots (for example: 1 lot on 10.000 usd for aggressive traders and 0.5 lot on 10.000 usd for conservative traders) , on your discretion. Lot does not very, an additives are possible on current trend under condition of the previous position without the loss and same volume.
  2. - The opening a position occurs at expectation of profit, exceeding stop loss in 2 and more time, on opportunities the open position is translated in position without the loss or fixed on the market price if our trade system show changes on market.
  3. - Stop loss does not exceed 30-35 pips, that in case of failure guarantee loss 3-3.5 % from the sum of your account for aggressive traders and 1.5-1.75 % for conservative traders, that is not fatal for your account and allows to remain ready to trade despite of small failure...
  4. - The trade basically is conducted on three pairs : eurusd , gbpusd , eurjpy (However, we can sometimes trade and on others markets: usdjpy, audusd, usdchf, usdcad, chfjpy, gbpjpy, nzdusd.... we are looking for the large spectrum of the market...)
  5. - The expected profit is from 150 pips and higher for trade week (sometimes 150 pips per day is really, but better really to look at a things)...
  6. - Operating time is with 6GMT up to 18.30GMT (at achievement sufficient profit (from 50 and more pips) for smaller interval of time and presence of uncertainty on the market, we stop the trade up to the following trading day)

Examples of the trade recommendations through ICQ client:

  1. buy eurusd (ед) 4586 stop 4572... without loss... take profit 4620
  2. buy gbpusd (фд) with current stop 9763...without loss... take profit market
  3. sell eurjpy (ей) 158.14 stop 158.44... take profit market

The cost of connection to trade on our system through ICQ client is 100 usd per week. All questions concerning payment and connection send through ICQ or email on the page contacts. At non-observance of the above mentioned conditions the positive result is not guaranteed! The quantity of free vacancies is limited! Your success depends only on you! We wish you successes in trade!


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